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Our Work in Country

One of the world’s largest internally displaced persons populations, difficult terrain, pervasive poverty, and vulnerability to disasters pose numerous barriers to improving health in Colombia.


Americares through its on-going partnership with the Colombian Order of Malta brings access to medicine and medical supplies to some of the country’s most remote and under-served communities, reaching more than 50 active sub-recipients.


Working in Colombia since 1985.


Health Crisis

In 2018, Americares began operating medical clinics in Colombia to provide essential primary care services and access to medicine for migrants fleeing the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The clinics, many of which are located near the Venezuelan border, are operated in coordination with the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection and made possible with the generous support of the United States Agency for International Development and other donors. The clinics offer primary care services at no cost for children and adults six days a week.

Health Snapshot

Of all the countries in South America, Colombia has the highest recurrence of extreme hazard events. Its location within the Pacific Ring of Fire puts the population at high risk of earthquakes, flooding, volcanoes and more. Not only are residents vulnerable to natural disasters, but also they suffer high rates of poverty – roughly 27 percent – a factor that makes it difficult for them to access necessary healthcare and increases their vulnerability to diseases, such as in the case of the 2014 Chikungunya virus outbreak.