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Health Services

Health Services


All people have a natural right to quality care and the opportunity to live a healthy life.

With a mask donated by Americares, Nurse Samatha Tang makes a full safety demonstration at Community of Advanced Practice Nurses clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Clinic to Community

Americares delivers and supports quality health services at Americares-run clinics and partners with local health centers to address the unique health needs of their communities, focusing on the root causes of illness and disease.

Working through hospitals, clinics and other health facilities, we can reduce preventable illness and death and improve overall individual and family health at the community level. This clinic-to-community model links treatment services to disease prevention and health education. And the cornerstone of much of our work in each community focuses on empowering, informing and educating community health workers and leaders – building a stronger health care system so they can become the critical link connecting their community to good health and beyond.  The heart of a healthy community is a thriving local health center.

Americares operates four free clinics in Fairfield County, Connecticut, providing care for nearly 2,000 low-income, uninsured patients annually. Staff at Americares Clínica Integral de Atención Familiar in El Salvador see nearly 30,000 patients each year, and Americares 13 mobile health centres in India provide care for more than 50,000 residents. In Colombia, Americares primary care clinics provide essential health services for Venezuelans fleeing the humanitarian crisis in their home country

Click on the arrow and watch the video to visit one such clinic that provides health care to those who have none.

“ A lot of our population have medical conditions and they don’t have health insurance. So, they have that fear: What if I get sick? What’s going to happen to my family? Who’s going to take care of me? The mental health training helped us understand the patients, what they’re going through — and their fears.”.

… Luz Rivera, Clinical coordinator, Ithaca Free Clinic, Ithaca, New York

Across our programs, we prioritize mental health, women’s and children’s health, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and management of hypertension and diabetes.

Nurse Practitioner Debbie consults with Lucille, a patient at Hope Clinic and Care Center in Appleton, Wisconsin, November 10, 2021. Lucille is 18 and suffers from depression. Her parents didn’t believe or support her getting the mental health care she needed. Now that she is on her own, she is able to get the care and medication she needs at Hope Clinic. She has spent time in a psych ward and credits Hope Clinic staff and medication for helping her have a full and quality life. (Photo: Americares/Jeff Kennel)(Photo: Americares/Jeff Kennel) .


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patient consultations in Americares-run clinics


trips by volunteer medical teams supported

Quality Care for the Uninsured

Americares Free Clinics

Our clinics are at the heart of a caring community, bringing together skilled volunteers and donated services from area health care providers, including hospitals and diagnostic laboratories, to serve our neighbors in need.

    Learn more about our four free clinics in Connecticut
    Good Health for More People

    Americares Family Clinic, El Salvador

    Since its founding by Americares in 2003, the Family Clinic in El Salvador has provided diagnostic services and treatment for a range of conditions, from acute illness, to chronic and communicable diseases – often working on the front lines of disease outbreaks and other health crises.

      Learn more about our standard setting clinic
      Health Care for Those Who Have None

      India Mobile Health Centres

      In the slums of Mumbai, our fully-equipped mobile health centres bring health care to impoverished families in dozens of locations. Hundreds of patients a day benefit from the medical vans’ on-site services and free medicines. For most patients, this is the only time they will ever see a doctor.

        Learn more about our mobile health care services
        Training and Support

        Mental Health

        Americares expanded our mental health support during the Pandemic. To reach isolated patients, Americares own clinics in Connecticut, India and El Salvador included mental health in their telehealth appointments. In the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Americares trained more than 1,500 frontline health workers in 12 key areas of mental health. Thirty-two Americares health projects in nine countries addressed mental health in FY21.

          Learn more about our Mental Health programs
          Respectful Care

          Mother & Child

          Keeping mom and child healthy in times of crisis and beyond has been a focus of our work around the world and here at home. In places such as Colombia, Tanzania, Indonesia and Ukraine, we strive to provide continuous and quality care when war or natural disaster strikes or when poverty limits health care access.

            Learn how we are reaching more women and children with quality care
            Prevention and Treatment

            Infectious Disease Outbreaks

            In countries where we work around the world and here in the U.S., we focus on prevention of outbreaks. Since many infectious diseases can only be treated and not cured, protection, prevention and treatment resources are critical in containing an outbreak. We focus on empowering, informing and training health workers and extending the capabilities of the local health system to reach out into the community and beyond with information, education and services.

              Learn how we prevent and respond to disease outbreaks
              The Growing Health Crisis

              Diabetes & Hypertension

              With the growing crisis of chronic disease in the United States and around the world, particularly in developing countries, Americares is providing critical resources for local health care providers to prevent, manage and treat these major health threats. 

                Learn how clinics help patients prevent and manage chronic disease
                Health Care Access for Migrants

                Americares Border Clinics, Colombia

                Americares has set up 13 clinics in 12 departments in Colombia to meet the primary health care needs of migrants, some who may arrive with chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

                  Learn how free clinics are serving Venezuelan migrants

                  The damage that can be inflicted by a changing climate makes it one of the most dangerous, yet preventable, risks to human health. Thousands of community health centers and free clinics across the U.S. care for millions of our nation’s uninsured or underinsured patients but extreme weather events threaten their ability to provide care.

                    Learn more about protecting people on the frontlines of the crisis