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6 Months Later: Helping Japan Survivors Rebuild Their Communities and Lives

  • September 16, 2011

Six months after a devastating earthquake and deadly tsunami struck Japan – the worst natural disaster in the nation’s history — AmeriCares continues its steadfast commitment to help survivors recover and rebuild.  A total of $722,000 in crucial aid has been delivered and $1.2 million in grants have been allocated or approved since the disaster struck. Within hours of the disaster, AmeriCares relief experts were heading for the impact zone.  Over the next two months, AmeriCares delivered multiple shipments of relief supplies, including an emergency airlift of more than $525,000 in medical aid to hospitals, shelters and mobile medical teams. Once the displaced began moving into temporary homes AmeriCares began supporting projects that focused on rebuilding health services and providing mental health and counseling. “We shifted from providing emergency relief supplies to restoring health services and helping survivors cope with trauma – caring for the body and the heart,” said Ella Gudwin, AmeriCares VP of Emergency Response. 
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An in-country office opened in Sendai to oversee distribution of $8 million in aid, with plans to work on helping Japan’s long-term recovery for up to three years, focusing on three key program priorities: 

  1. Restoring and expanding health care services, particularly medical and dental clinics
  2. Supporting mental health and counseling services
  3. Assisting evacuee resettlement

$722,000 in aid delivered; $1.2 million in grants awarded or approved.


11MarchAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseAmeriCares launches a large-scale disaster relief effort within hours of the disaster.13March AmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseOur team arrives in Tokyo to assess health needs of survivors.27MarchAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseThe first AmeriCares deliveries of hundreds of cases of hygiene items and bottled water arrive in evacuation centers.


4AprilAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseAmeriCares first emergency airlift containing more than $525,000 in medical aid arrives in Sendai.14AprilAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseGrants Program begins with the funding of teams to clear sludge and debris from survivors’ homes and businesses.  A total of $1.2 million in grants have been awarded or pledged to fund a number of key projects.25AprilAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseTraining sessions funded by AmeriCares grants help relief workers and caregivers recognize the signs of distress and depression in survivors.


1JuneAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseVolunteers begin serving 9,200 hot meals funded by AmeriCares to survivors left homeless.14JuneAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseAmeriCares commits to long-term reconstruction and recovery plans, dispatching two program officers to Sendai.


3AugustAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseAmericares begins funding mobile medical teams providing care for homeless pregnant women, new mothers and newborns living in shelters.25AugustAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseThe AmeriCares Japan office opens in Sendai, providing a base of operations for relief efforts.5SeptemberAmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseWorkers break ground on the first of two dental clinics AmeriCares is building for survivors in Minamisanriku.Read MoreDonate Now