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New Grants Program Underway to Aid Japan Recovery; Fifth Shipment of Humanitarian Aid Underway

  • May 17, 2011

AmeriCares Builds Ongoing Relief Initiative Focusing on Five Key Program Areas

AmeriCares has expanded our steadfast commitment to the people of Japan as a fifth delivery of humanitarian aid is being prepared and a Flash Grants program launched to support Japanese NGOs in ongoing recovery efforts.

More than 119,000 people are still homeless in the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, which claimed nearly 15,000 lives and shattered the entire nation.

Government estimates set the damages at an astounding $310 billion, making the March 11 event the world’s costliest disaster.

AmeriCares quickly coordinated with Japanese government, hospitals and local organizations to launch an immediate response, including an emergency airlift of crucial medicines and four targeted relief convoys, the most recent of which was delivered to Koriyama City for distribution to shelter-bound evacuees.

Ongoing Relief and Recovery

To support Japanese NGOs in the monumental relief and recovery effort now underway, AmeriCares has launched a Flash Grants program.  Initial grants will help fund:

  • Disaster clean-up: $30,000 was awarded to Peace Boat, a local NGO, for an intensive clean-up project necessary to help evacuees, especially the elderly, resettle in their homes in Ishinomaki. More than 300 volunteers will take part in the initiative.
  • Mental health training and support: A $30,000 grant was issued to Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) to provide mental health and support to individuals and families in the Tohoku region and Tokyo metro area, as well as training and capacity building for organizations working with people in affected areas.
  • Emergency aid delivery: A $20,000 grant has been awarded to the Institute of Cultural Affairs to fund transportation for three aid convoys containing urgent supplies to people in need.
  • Volunteer support: $10,000 was awarded to the Japan Guide Consortium volunteer interpretation bureau to expand its volunteer services and support to international disaster relief teams.
  •  $260,870 in additional grants funding humanitarian aid for the displaced, prenatal care, and mental health care are currently in review.

AmeriCares has expanded our Japan response team to strengthen capabilities in providing assistance to survivors.  We will continue direct contact with local officials, evacuation shelters and hospitals to determine short- and long-term needs.  Moving forward, AmeriCares initiatives will focus on five key program areas:

  1. Restoration and expansion of healthcare services
  2. Care for the elderly and disabled
  3. Mental health and psychosocial support
  4. Protecting orphans and vulnerable children
  5. Evacuee services and resettlement

Where AmeriCares Delivered Aid


AmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseA record 9.0-magnitude earthquake strikes northeastern Japan, unleashing a deadly tsunami that wipes out entire communities causing catastrophic destruction and loss of life.  AmeriCares mobilizes within hours and dispatches a disaster relief expert to Tokyo to head up relief efforts.


AmeriCares emergency response expert arrives on the ground and begins assessing health needs of survivors.


AmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseAmeriCares first delivery of hundreds of cases of hygiene items and bottled water is made to evacuation centers in the hard-hit cities of Watari, Yamamoto and Iwanuma.


AmeriCares first emergency airlift containing more than $525,000 of medical aid is delivered to Tohoku University Hospital in Sendai, the largest city in the impact zone, for distribution to regional hospitals, shelters and medical teams.


AmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseAmeriCares delivers bottled water and hygiene items to soup kitchens serving evacuees in Ishinomaki and hygiene items to shelters in the Fukushima prefecture.


AmeriCares Japan Emergency ResponseAmeriCares delivers a truckload of hygiene items for more than 1,300 evacuees living in shelters around Koriyama City.

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