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Professional Standards

Americares saves lives and builds healthier futures for people in crisis in the United States and around the world.


  • Americares is an I.R.S. registered 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization
  • Americares is registered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Americares is a licensed drug wholesaler with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
  • Americares is a licensed DEA Exporter registered to handle Schedule II-V narcotic and non-narcotic controlled substances
  • Americares abides by all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines; lot numbers for all products are tracked from receipt to distribution. Americares was one of the first non-governmental organizations to endorse the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for drugs and donations


  • Americares is a member of the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA)
  • Americares abides by Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) standards
  • Americares is a founding member of the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), an alliance of relief agencies and healthcare firms dedicated to advancing quality medical product donations worldwide


  • Americares is HAZMAT certified to ship hazardous materials by air, rail, highway and water
  • Americares operates in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA) guidelines


  • Americares is affiliated with numerous respected medical institutions whose faculty and staff support Americares' programs around the world. Here are a few of the institutions with which we partner:
    • Yale University School of Medicine (New Haven, Connecticut)
    • The Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota)
    • Dartmouth Medical School (Hanover, New Hampshire)
    • Bridgeport Hospital (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
    • Danbury Hospital (Danbury, Connecticut)
    • Norwalk Hospital (Norwalk, Connecticut)