• Our Work

    With the establishment of our Haiti team, in-country office and distribution warehouse following the 2010 earthquake, AmeriCares greatly expanded its capacity to address the myriad health issues plaguing this battered nation. We work with local and international NGOs to support health care access with basic medicines and medical supplies. We have been a primary, life-saving resource for cholera treatment and prevention in response to the epidemic.

    Snapshot of Haiti:

    In Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, a history of civil strife, natural disaster, ecological devastation and economic chaos has created some formidable health care challenges. Basic infrastructure, clean water and sanitation are among the great needs facing the country’s nine million people, six million of which are children. Critical health issues:

    • more than one in three Haitians die from a preventable disease
    • an ongoing epidemic of cholera (new to the country) and exacerbated by lack of basic sanitation and potable water
    • infant mortality rates over two-and-a-half times higher neighboring countries
    • nearly one in ten children will likely die before they reach the age of five.
    • overall the worst health conditions in the region including the highest rates of maternal mortality, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS

    Compounding Haiti’s health problems is its vulnerability to destructive storms, mudslides and floods and most recently a devastating earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake has added major burdens for a health care system already overwhelmed with high levels of communicable and chronic disease.

  • Aid History

    Photo by Miguel Samper, All Rights Reserved.

    AmeriCares has been providing humanitarian aid to Haiti since 1984, partnering with local health care organizations throughout the country. We help our partners serve more patients and avoid running out of basic medicines and medical supplies with regular shipments throughout the year. Today, AmeriCares sends over 300 aid shipments a year to Haiti—an average of nearly one shipment a day—to health care facilities throughout the country. We are providing support for over 100 hospitals and clinics.

    Some of our Partners in Haiti:

    • Since 1994, AmeriCares has partnered with the Center for the Rural Development of Milot (CRUDEM), which provides health services for 225,000 people in northern Haiti. CRUDEM Foundation operates the largest nonprofit hospital in the area.
    • In 2003, AmeriCares began working with the Connecticut-based Haitian Health Foundation (HHF) to support its work serving the health care needs of 200,000 people in and around Jérémie, Haiti.
    • AmeriCares also has worked with Partners in Health which manages eight clinics and one hospital in the Central Plateau of Haiti, providing health care for more than 1 million patients each year.
  • Emergency Response

    In January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed over 200,000 people and did massive damage to the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Within 48 hours, AmeriCares responded with emergency shipments and soon developed a plan of action to deal with the immediate and longer term needs of the Haitian people. Read more

    In 2008, Haiti sustained blows from four back-to-back storms - Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, and Tropical Storms Fay and Hanna, creating catastrophic mudslides and flooding. We sent a series of aid deliveries including an emergency airlift of critical medical and disaster relief supplies. Read more

    In 2004, when Tropical Storm Jeanne and Hurricane Ivan caused violent flash floods and mudslides, we also provided significant disaster relief. Also in 2004, AmeriCares delivered emergency relief to Haiti after civil and political unrest affected the entire country.

  • Health Initiatives

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    Communicable Disease:

    We have developed a substantial cholera treatment and prevention program in response to the deadly outbreak of the disease following the earthquake. Read More »

    Chronic Disease:

    We have provided ongoing support for diabetes treatment by helping to restore a supply system badly disrupted by the earthquake. Read More »

    Mother and Child Health:

    Working with partners to develop and support programs addressing the urgent needs of the most vulnerable sector of the population—mothers and children, particularly pregnant women, with counseling, medicines and nutritional support. Emergency services and hospital maternity care are also being addressed. Read More »

  • Medical Outreach

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    AmeriCares also donates medical products to qualified U.S. health care professionals who are traveling to Haiti to provide charitable medical care. Through this program, donated medicines and medical supplies reach impoverished and isolated communities where even basic medical care is inaccessible to the poor or often non-existent. AmeriCares donations cure infections, relieve pain, help patients manage chronic diseases and make life-changing surgeries possible. In the early weeks after the 2010 earthquake, AmeriCares supported over 200 volunteer medical teams.

Recent News from Haiti

Medical Outreach

A Volunteer doctor on a regular medical visit to Haiti with support from AmeriCares medical outreach program is in the right place at the right time to save a severely injured young boy.

Stamford, Conn. – July 6, 2015 – AmeriCares, the emergency response and global health organization, has welcomed Jed Selkowitz as its Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. In his new role, Selkowitz is charged with providing both strategic leadership and hands-on tactical execution of the organization’s brand marketing and communications efforts.


Joenne is an 8-year-old miracle girl who survived two deadly crises in Haiti - an earthquake and cholera. A face of hope for Haiti, she is one of the stories of survival that has inspired AmeriCares response and recovery work to help heal the island nation five years after the disaster.


AmeriCares partners with RKLS to provide quality health care services to approximately 50,000 people in rural areas of Western Haiti. The support includes medicines and supplies as well as construction funding for the clinic and its sanitation facilities.


AmeriCares Haiti team has been busy in advance of another active Atlantic Hurricane Season (June 1 to November 30) predicted by the National Weather Service. The team has prepositioned cholera medicines and supplies and family preparedness kits to help families in flood-prone communities.


AmeriCares works closely with Project Medishare to help provide critical medical supplies and equipment to help Hôpital Bernard Mevs in Haiti meet the needs of the many people who rely on its services.


“Partnership for a Better Haiti,” a program supported by AmeriCares, focuses on addressing the health needs of young women and adolescent girls through prevention and support activities.


Four years after the devastating Haiti earthquake, AmeriCares remains firmly on the ground – with a clear plan of action to bring health and healing to people still struggling in the aftermath


A teenager who lost his legs in the 2010 Haiti earthquake is able to walk again, with prosthetic legs from the AmeriCares-supported BRAC Limb and Brace Center in Haiti.


As part of an ongoing objective to fight diarrheal disease and cholera in Haiti, AmeriCares provided funding for the construction of a community latrine and hand-washing station for partner clinic Rezo Koze Lasante.


In recognition of World Diabetes Day, AmeriCares supported FHADIMAC’s public campaign in Haiti to screen 1,000 patients and raise awareness about diabetes and hypertension.


Because cholera prevention is a central focus for AmeriCares ongoing work in Haiti, World Hand Washing Day is significant for one clear reason: good hygiene plus good sanitation saves lives.


On World Heart Day and everyday, AmeriCares works to provide lifesaving medicines, supplies, and education to help save lives and improve health outcomes for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.


The AmeriCares Medial Outreach program donated medicines and supplies to aid a short-term medical mission to help school children in Haiti. The team treated the children for wounds, skin infections, and dental cavities and abscesses. Dental care is a significant problem within the school-age population.


Each year, when the rainy season in Haiti prompts a spike in cholera cases, AmeriCares is ready in advance. Since the 2010 cholera outbreak, AmeriCares has delivered more than 325,000 cholera treatments – enough medicines to treat about 150,000 patients -- and supported the training of over 140,000 people in cholera prevention.