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Why #SaveHealthNow

Without your support, community clinics like Total Family Medical and the John Logan Town Clinic cannot keep their doors open for families who desperately need their help.  


When the “Great Flood with No Name” struck Louisiana last August, more than 4 feet of floodwater wrecked the Total Family Medical clinic in Robert, soaking everything, including medicine, supplies and equipment.

This rural clinic provided the only primary care option for the region’s low income, uninsured patients. But after the flood, the caring staff could not find the resources to repair and reopen the clinic: The clinic would have to close.

Then they got a call from Americares and everything changed.

Clinic staff worked with Americares and located a modular medical building that could be moved to their site. Americares funded the building and provided an emergency shipment of medicine. “Thank you, Americares, for the thousands of people you may never meet in person but whom you will directly impact each and every time they walk through our doors – our new doors!”  says clinic administrator Peggy Gautreau.

You can preserve this lifesaving link to health today. Your gift will #SaveHealthNow for the people of Robert, Louisiana, by keeping the clinic alive and serving people in need. Americares works in hundreds of communities around the world to ensure that local clinics are ready—for anyone who comes to the door seeking health care. Your gift makes that possible.

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The broken breathing of the little girl on his shoulder pushed the man forward. At least the rain had stopped.

His youngest daughter had been sick for two days and was getting worse. Now, three hours of walking on muddy paths had brought them to the river crossing. Was it true, what he had heard—that there was a clinic in John Logan Town?  In the evening light, he saw little ahead as he balanced his daughter and walked over the narrow bridge.  What would they find on the other side?

What they find depends on you on #GivingTuesday.  

Five years ago, John Logan Town was just a place where people crossed the river in Grand Bassa County, Liberia. Today, people come for the town’s health clinic—the only clinic in the region. Originally built in 2015 to isolate Ebola cases, this basic facility, supported by Americares, provides the only access to health care for thousands of people.

In John Logan Town, everyone knows how precious their clinic is. Says Daniel, a village elder, “Let the light continue to shine in the community. Don’t let the light go out.”

Your gift keeps clinic doors open – in Louisiana and Liberia and hundreds of other communities in need around the world.  With your gift, community clinics like Total Family Medical and the John Logan Town Clinic will be able to provide critical health services for all the families who need their help so desperately.

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