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Hosted by

Adria Arjona | Actor
Tony Goldwyn | Actor

Honorary Co-Chairs

Jennifer Aniston
Tony Goldwyn

Event Co-Chairs

Roberta* and James Conroy^
Deirdre Dunn and Walter Weil^
Alexa^ and Ward Horton^
Jane Musky** and Tony Goldwyn*
Joy^ and Eric Weintz, M.D.^

Christine Squires**
President & CEO 

Jerry Leamon
Chairman of the Board

airlift benefit colorful background
Celebrate Health logo

Americares 2021 Airlift Benefit will take you on a journey to connect with people and communities at the forefront of change – where Americares saves lives, improves health and advances health equity, in the U.S. and around the world. The Airlift will bring you and your guests closer to the issues you care about, with opportunities to take action and make a difference.


A compelling journey of health – up close, to meet families overcoming the challenges of disaster, climate change, poverty and inequity.


The ways that, together, we can improve lives by improving health.


Share the journey with friends and family – in person, or virtually.


Registered guests will have access to exclusive content and live experiences.

Don’t Miss It!

About the Event

Let’s celebrate health
and improve lives…

The Americares 2021 Airlift Benefit will appear on streaming platforms with live appearances and many ways for you and your guests to engage — from any location, including the safety of your home. In the days and weeks leading up to the event, we will provide a variety of opportunities for you and your guests to engage with Americares and the health improvements your support makes possible.

Medical Clinic Staffer

Host Committee

Janice^ and Stan Abshier^

Elizabeth P. Allen+

Mary Delia Allen^

Percival Barretto-Ko* and
     Simon Gregory

Carol+** and George Bauer

Lois and Robert Baylis*

Linda and Jeffrey Becker*

Caitlin^ and Greg Behrman

Christopher Benassi^

Ankur Bhargava●

Stephen Blewitt^

Diane^ and Jim Bosek

Sara● and Tim Bosek●*

Courtenay and T.J. Carella^

Daniel N. Caron^

Holly^ and Adam Casella^

Eva Chan and Stephen Winter, M.D.+**

Charles R.+ and Vickie Chandler

Elizabeth^ and Jay Chandler^

Katy Close, M.D.* and
     Christopher Buckley

Anita Cobb^ and Neil Budnick^

Vicki^ and John Crum^

Brian Davis^

Robin A. Duska^

Betty and Alan Feldman, M.D.^

Alison^ and Patrick Fels^

Desmond FitzGerald^

Elizabeth* and Christian Frank

Maura and Steve Gallucci*

Susan and Joe Garofoli^

Alexandra Gerber●

John Goebel^

Susan Grossman* and Kent Dombal

Farrell Ulrich Hanifin●

Amanda and Bryan Hanson+

Mary and C. Robert Henrikson+

Sandy^ and Felix Hernandez^

Erica Hill* and David Yount

Samhita* and Ignacio Jayanti

Mary^ and Kim Jeffery^

Harry Jones III^

Francine* and John Katsoudas

Dimitra Kefallonitou^ and
     Akshay Gupta^

Cordy and John Kelly+

Patricia^ and William Kleh^

Janie^ and Jason Konidaris^

Patricia and Paul Kuehner+**

Christina Lari and Cary Potter^

Rita and Jerry Leamon* **

Nora and Rob Leary+

Alec Magdaleno●

Diane and C. Dean Maglaris+

Alvia and Mehdi Mahmud*

Tizzie^ and Tom Mantione^

Megan and Keith McAllister+

Elaine and Chris McLeod

Paul Mignone●

Tracy^ and Joe Merrill^+

Julie^ and Bas NieuweWeme^

Marti Noxon

Michael J. Nyenhuis+

Andrew Ogren●

Gregory Oreskovich^

Jennifer and Ari Perkins, M.D.^

Janice^ and Bruce Richards^

Christopher Robb^

Ginny Rogers^

Katie Rohn●

Debbie and Joe Rucci+

Melissa and Alan Rwambuya*

Karin and Stephen Sadove*

Sarah* and Alexander Saint-Amand

Lea Salvatore^

Beverly Schuch+

Betsey^ and Arthur Selkowitz^

Christine Squires* and Steve Pashkoff

Katherine L.^ and W. Laird Stabler^

Jennifer Toll^

Catherine and Richard Townsend^

Lisa and Michael Ullmann*

Karan Vazirani●

Kathy and Curt Welling+

Nadja West, M.D.* and Don West

Megin and Adam Wolfman^

Melissa and Andrew Woolford^

* Americares Board of Directors
** Americares Free Clinics Board
^Americares Leadership Council
+ Emeritus Director
● Americares Junior Council

More Information to Come!

Questions? Please contact us below:

Join Us and Be a Sponsor

This year, your support is more critical than ever as we respond to the pandemic, prepare for future emergencies and continue our work to save lives, improve health and eliminate barriers to care. Let’s do more, together!

Benefactor — $100,000
  • Three (3) tables of 10 (30 guests).
  • Catered meals delivered to host homes for viewing party.
  • Custom host box with branded event items.
  • Gift bags for your guests.
  • Name/Logo listed on Invitation and Landing page.
  • Social media posts acknowledging sponsorship.
  • Digital signage during event.
  • Full-page Ad in Program Journal.
  • Two (2) seats on next year’s Airlift (2021).
Ambassador — $50,000
  • Two (2) tables of 10 (20 guests)
  • Catered meals delivered to host homes for viewing party.
  • Custom host box with branded event items.
  • Gift bags for your guests.
  • Name/Logo listed on Invitation and Landing page.
  • Social media posts acknowledging sponsorship.
  • Digital Signage during event.
  • Half-page Ad in Program Journal.
  • One (1) seat on next year’s Airlift (2021).
Humanitarian — $30,000
  • One (1) table of 10 guests.
  • Catered meals delivered to host homes for viewing party.
  • Host box with branded event items.
  • Gift bags for your guests.
  • Digital signage during event.
  • Quarter-page Ad in Program Journal.
  • Name/Logo listed on Invitation and landing page.
Compassion — $12,000
  • One (1) table of 10 guests.
  • Catered meals delivered to host homes for viewing party.
  • Host box with branded event items.
  • Gift bags for your guests.
  • Listing on Invitation and landing page.
  • Program Journal listing.
Hope — $5,000
  • One (1) table of 10 guests.
  • Catered meals pick-up for viewing party.
  • Listing on Invitation.
  • Program Journal listing.

Thank You, Sponsors!


The Conroy Family

The Weisman Family


Ali and Pat Fels
/Goldman Sachs Gives

Patricia and Paul Kuehner

Rita and Jerry Leamon

Alvia and Mehdi Mahmud

Karin and Stephen Sadove

The Selander Foundation



Astellas U.S. LLC

Carol and George Bauer

Lois and Bob Baylis

Cisco Systems

Katy Close, M.D.
and Christopher Buckley


Susan Grossman and Kent Dombal

Harbor Lights Foundation

Samhita and Ignacio Jayanti

Francine and John Katsoudas


Tracy and Joe Merrill

Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn

Mrs. J. Paul Rodriguez
and Elizabeth and Jay Chandler

Sarah and Alexander Saint-Amand

Lisa and Michael Ullmann

Mimi and Frank Walsh




Linda and Jeffrey Becker

BLT/Harbor Point

Diane and Jim Bosek

Daniel N. Caron

Anita Cobb and Neil Budnick

Mark Dalton

Marlene and Brian Dooner

Betty and Alan Feldman, M.D.

Susan and Joe Garofoli

Geller & Company

Erica Hill and David Yount

Horizon Therapeutics

Alexa and Ward Horton

Johnson & Johnson

Julia B. Fee and William Pitt
Sotheby’s International Realty

The Macauley Family

Tizzie and Tom Mantione

Molly and David McGrath

Onward and Upward Charitable Foundation/Talivity

Sharon Owens-Avey 

Susan and Bob Schulz

Alana and Jed Selkowitz

Selkowitz Family Foundation

Debi and Jay Shaw

Colleen and Don Shelden

Debbie and Craig Stapleton

Jennifer Toll

Eva and Christian Trefz

U.S. Bank


Megin and Adam Wolfman

Melissa and Andrew Woolford


Elizabeth Peale Allen

Aspen Insurance

Polly and Chris Benassi

Cory and Joseph Family Foundation

Holly and Adam Casella

Robbi and Robert Feinberg

Muffie and Desmond FitzGerald
/Hope for Poor Children Foundation

Alice and Trig Horton


Susan Lynch

Diana and Tom Maguire

Northern Trust

prōject good

The Rauscher Family

Rucci Law Group LLC

Beverly Schuch

Christine Squires and Steve Pashkoff

Katherine and Laird Stabler

World Wrestling Entertainment