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STATUSCrisis Alert DATEJuly 23, 2018 REGIONCalifornia

California Carr Fire

Emergency Declared for Massive Fire

The Carr Fire in California has claimed at least 6 lives, left dozens missing, destroyed hundreds of structures and burned over 100,000 acres, making it one of the ten most destructive fires in the states' history. Governor Jerry Brown has declared an emergency for two counties in southern California due to wildfires that began July 23. The Carr Fire, caused by hot, dry conditions throughout the region, is so large and so hot that it has created its own localized weather system, making it difficult for the more than 3,000 firefighting personnel to contain. This is one of several fires across California amid a heat wave that has seen days of triple-digit temperatures. Our Emergency team is in active communication with multiple partners in the area to identify needs and plan a response.


California Fire

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