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STATUSCrisis Alert DATEOctober 06, 2018 REGIONHaiti

Haiti Earthquake

Earthquake Strikes Northern Haiti

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck northern Haiti, near the city of Port-au-Paix on October 6, killing at least 15 people and injuring hundreds more, damaging homes and other structures.  Our partners report one of the hospitals has sustained significant damage, making most of the facility unusable. There is also a report of a shortage in medicines and medical supplies. Our Haiti team has reported that they are safe, and they are assessing if assistance may be needed in the response.

In 2010, a larger magnitude 7.1 quake damaged much of the capital of Port-au-Prince and killed an estimated 300,000 people. Americares mounted a large response and recovery program in the aftermath and has maintained a presence in the country - responding to other crises such as the recurring cholera outbreak and Hurricane Matthew.