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STATUSCrisis Alert DATEJune 03, 2018 REGIONGuatemala

Guatemala Volcano

Volcano Affecting 1.7 Million

The eruption of Guatemala's Fuego volcano on June 3, about 40km (25 miles) south-west of Guatemala City, has been spewing black smoke and ash into the sky. Fuego, one of Latin America's most active volcanoes, has affected a total of about 1.7 million people. Officials have advised citizens to wear masks due to falling ash, which has been raining down in four of Guatemala's administrative regions. The latest reports suggest the death toll has risen to 109, with 300 people injured and nearly 200 missing. Temporary shelters have been set up for about 3,000 residents who have been evacuated. Officials warned there could be new eruptions, and residents in the surrounding areas should be on alert for mudslides containing volcanic material. Air travel was interrupted and continues to be a challenge, including travel to/from Guatemala City, where falling ash creates hazerdous condition at the main international airport . Continued volcanic activity and the weather have hampered efforts by relief and recovery workers in the most heavily affected areas. 

Guatemala's president launched a state of emergency and concerns grow about the economic and agricultual damage from the eruption. The Emergency Programs  teams are already working with our long term partners in country to provide medical care to survivors.  And more aid is underway.