STATUSCrisis Alert DATEAugust 02, 2017 REGIONYemen, Somalia, Kenya

Africa Hunger & Health Crisis

Malnutrition and Deadly Cholera Devastate Africa Region

People gather to fill up their jerrycans with drinking water from a charity tanker truck, amid a cholera outbreak, in Sanaa, Yemen, July 12, 2017. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

In Yemen, Somalia and Kenya political conflict and a severe drought have spiraled into a devastating hunger and health crisis that’s endangering the lives of 20 million people in four countries. Malnutrition and the world’s worst cholera outbreak have led to more than one million suspected cholera cases and 2,000 deaths in Yemen since April, according to the World Health Organization. In Somalia, more than 58,000 suspected cases and 812 deaths have been reported since the beginning of 2017. More than half of new infections and 32% of the deaths are in children.

Americares launched a large-scale response in April with the delivery of intravenous fluids to Somalia. The organization continues its aid deliveries for the hunger and health crisis, with a goal of providing enough treatment supplies to care for 60,000 patients in the Horn of Africa and Yemen. Eleven shipments have gone out as of the beginning of the new year with more scheduled. The logistical challenges continue to affect deliveries.