STATUSCrisis Alert DATEMay 22, 2019 REGIONMidwest U.S.

Deadly Tornadoes Strike

Tornadoes in U.S. Midwest

Dozens of tornadoes have been reported across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska in recent weeks. Several deaths have been confirmed – five in Missouri, and at least one in each state of Oklahoma, Iowa and Ohio. On May 21, the eighth anniversary of the catastrophic Joplin tornado that killed more than 150 in 2011, a violent tornado tore through Missouri’s capital Jefferson City leaving a three mile path of destruction, and tornadoes also struck Missouri’s Jasper and Howard counties. Simultaneously, flash flooding continues across the Central Plains with more rainfall expected affecting major rivers in the midwest already at flood stage and forcing many to evacuate. More tornadoes continue to strike, most recently in Ohio. 

Americares is responding to the ongoing disaster with deliveries of water, medicines and relief suppplies to partners in the region. The Emergency Response team has offered assistance to dozens of partner clinics, as well as health departments and food banks, across six states.

In addition to the first Missouri shipment, insulin and tetanus vaccine have been shipped to Oklahoma City with more shipments to follow.