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MoneyGram Foundation

After supporting Americares disaster relief efforts in 2015, the MoneyGram Foundation joined Americares as an Annual Emergency Response Partner in January 2016. The Foundation pledged its support early in the year to give Americares resources to quickly and effectively provide help where it is most needed.

"MoneyGram recognizes that when disasters strike, preparedness is essential," said Pamela H. Patsley, executive chairman, MoneyGram International. "We are committed to helping those affected by natural disasters and catastrophic events throughout the world.”

By becoming an Annual Emergency Response Partner (AERP), the MoneyGram Foundation supports every response Americares launches. The funds raised through the AERP program enable Americares to sustain preparedness initiatives necessary to mount swift and effective responses to about 30 disasters and humanitarian crises every year.

Through this partnership, the MoneyGram Foundation provides relief in the immediate wake of a disaster. This is consistent with the foundation's mission to make a real and meaningful impact around the world by improving the lives of children, families and communities.

MoneyGram established the MoneyGram Foundation in 2012 to help children around the world gain access to educational facilities and learning resources. Its mission is firmly rooted in the belief that education is at the heart of better economic opportunities, healthier families and individual freedom and empowerment. The MoneyGram Foundation is focused on inspiring minds and improving lives and grants funds to deserving organizations with this mission in mind. To learn more, please visit moneygramfoundation.org.