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Medtronic has been a strong partner of Americares for more than 20 years, supporting our global health programs with product donations ranging from wound care supplies and sutures, to pharmaceuticals and respiratory and monitoring devices. Medtronic product donations have also helped support Americares emergency response efforts, enabling us to pre-position medicines and supplies in our warehouses so we can respond at a moment's notice when disasters strike. 

Medtronic's wound care products have been instrumental in Americares relief efforts following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and in helping to replenish hospital supplies and personal protective gear in West Africa for the Ebola relief efforts. Medtronic's donations have helped to ensure that Americares is able to build immediate emergency shipments and be first on the scene.

In 2014 Medtronic increased its support of Americares Emergency Response Program by awarding a $100,000 cash grant to support its relief and recovery efforts. Most of this grant is for the purchase of eight emergency medical modules, each comprised of critical medicines and medical supplies that are most often needed after a disaster. The remainder is funding Medtronic’s new role as an Americares Annual Emergency Response Partner. Through this partnership, Medtronic provides full year, dedicated financial support for Americares Emergency Response Program.

Americares emergency response team is active around the world in all phases of addressing emergencies, from monitoring and readiness through response and recovery. Planning and preparation are critical to a swift and effective relief response to a disaster – from earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes, to disease outbreaks and civil strife.

The Americares Annual Emergency Response Partner program helps us maintain the strong foundation from which we respond to these disaster events. Our partners’ support helps Americares conduct in-country assessments, pre-position emergency medical and relief aid in disaster-prone regions of the world, quickly mobilize emergency response experts in times of disaster, and establish long-term recovery programs.

Medtronic is a global health care leader that addresses the challenges faced by providers and their patients with innovative medical technology solutions and patient care products. Inspired by patients and caregivers, Medtronic's team of dedicated professionals is privileged to help save and improve lives around the world. Over the years Medtronic has donated more than $216 million in medical products to Americares.