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Chevron has been a strong partner of Americares for more than 25 years, providing critical resources to communities affected by disaster or poverty. Chevron initially supported the delivery of medicines to health facilities in Armenia and later to Kazakhstan, Angola and other underresourced countries.

More recently, Chevron responded with Americares to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and continues to support recovery efforts in Sierra Leone. Working with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the two organizations have provided infection prevention and control training at two hospitals in the Bonthe District. Through this project, the hospitals’ clinical staff and all 700 health workers and nursing staff are learning to keep themselves and their patients safe. The project also provides guidance on maintaining sufficient personal protective equipment and managing infectious waste.

Americares and Chevron collaborate with local organizations at the regional, national and international levels to develop innovative programs to address unmet health needs. “We understand that our success depends on social progress in the communities where we operate,” says Huma Abbasi, General Manager, Chevron Global Health and Medical. “Our partnership with and support of Americares helps us meet our goal of making sustainable health improvements and bringing socioeconomic development to local communities.”

The Chevron Foundation is a member of Americares Annual Emergency Response Partner (AERP) Program. As an AERP, Chevron provides multiyear financial support to build Americares emergency response capability in advance of disaster events—making the company a participant in every disaster response Americares launches. AERPs enable our emergency response team to monitor potential crises, respond immediately in advance of dedicated resources, conduct in-country assessments following disasters in coordination with local partners and government agencies, pre-position medicines and relief aid in disaster-prone regions, and maintain emergency pharmacy inventory at our headquarters, regional warehouse and distribution hubs.

Chevron contributes to the economic and social well-being of people in the countries where it operates, stemming from its belief that the company’s business success is deeply linked to society’s progress. In 2015, the company made more than $233 million in global social investments in three core areas—health, education and economic development—to develop skilled workers, improve access to health care and boost local and regional economies.