Americares Emergency Response Partners

By becoming an Americares Emergency Response Partner (an AERP), your company will help provide the reliable funding base necessary for Americares to respond swiftly and effectively to disaster events around the globe – the ones you see in the news and the ones you don’t.  

Ready, Respond, Recover

Health is On the Way

For nearly 40 years, Americares has helped communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters in the U.S. and around the world. Our emergency response experts are among the first to respond and stay as long as needed, helping to restore health services for survivors. Each year, we respond to an average of 30 natural disasters and humanitarian crises, establish long-term recovery projects and bring disaster preparedness programs to vulnerable communities.

Become a Partner

Americares Emergency Response Partners (AERP) build the foundation from which our responses are launched. Their annual commitment provides a reliable stream of flexible funding, which is critical to maintaining a constant state of readiness and launching robust responses to emergencies worldwide. By supporting the core, underlying capabilities of our emergency response program, AERP members play a part in funding every Americares emergency response, helping to save lives around the world.

Emergency Response Partner Impact

AERP funds enable active response preparation before disaster strikes and immediate response when it does. As an AERP member, you help:

  • Maintain an emergency inventory of medicine for rapid deployment
  • Preposition medical and relief supplies in disaster-prone countries
  • Maintain an international roster of on-call disaster response experts
  • Monitor disasters around the world as they unfold
  • Conduct needs assessments with health centers and government agencies
  • Respond to large disasters before incident-specific funding is received
  • Respond to hidden disasters that lack media attention or dedicated funds but affect millions

Americares Emergency Programs empower communities and frontline health workers across the continuum of disaster readiness, response and recovery.

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Our Annual Partners

Currently our Americares Emergency Response Partners include:


Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. shares Americares mission to provide urgently needed relief to people affected by disasters around the globe. The company and its employees have helped us maintain the expertise and capabilities necessary to launch emergency responses swiftly and effectively.  

Learn how Alexion partners with us...

Anthem has been a partner to Americares in our emergency responses since the earthquake in South Asia in 2005. The company has helped us to deliver health and opportunity to people and communities affected by some of the most severe disasters of the past decade.

Learn how Anthem partners with us...

APL has leveraged its position as one of the world’s leading ocean carriers to help Americares deliver hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of medicines and supplies to Central America, South America and Asia. 

Learn how APL partners with us...

One of our longest-standing partners, Chevron has provided Americares with significant support to achieve our shared objectives to bring health and relief to people affected by poverty and disaster worldwide since 1988.

Learn how Chevron partners with us...

FCA Foundation joined Americares as a partner in 2017, and seeks to support outcomes in its communities that ensure people can enjoy equality and dignity.

Learn how FCA Foundation partners with us...

Horizon Pharma and Americares forged and exciting new partnership in 2017. Together, we are working to advocate for greater collaboration between the corporate and nonprofit sectors and improve the health of people affected by poverty and disaster—here at home and around the globe.

Learn how Horizon partners with us...

Medtronic is a world leader in medical technology and a mission-critical partner to Americares. For over 30 years, they have helped us respond to emergencies and strengthen health systems around the globe. 

Learn how Medtronic partners with us...

MoneyGram has been an Americares partner since 2015, when the company responded swiftly and generously to the devastating earthquake in Nepal. MoneyGram and Americares share a mission to empower the world’s hardest-to-reach communities and help children and families around the globe.

Learn how Moneygram partners with us...

Northrop Grumman is one of Americares oldest and most dedicated partners, having joined us in our work to provide health and opportunity worldwide in 1998. Since then, we have worked hand-in-hand to respond to some of the world’s most severe emergencies.   

Learn how Northrop Grumman partners with us...

Headquartered just down the road from Americares in Stamford, Connecticut, the Odyssey Group has been a strategic partner since 2007. Its Foundation is one of the largest supporters of Americares free clinics in Connecticut as well as a key partner in responding to emergencies and providing health programs around the globe.

Learn how Odyssey Group partners with us...

Patagonia’s partnership with Americares is driven by the company’s efforts to protect the natural world and global communities. By supporting Americares, Patagonia is going farther than ever in supporting the health and well-being of people and places near and far.

Learn how Patagonia partners with us...

Southwest Airlines is an essential partner in helping Americares put health at the center of action and support people and partners in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. By providing flight vouchers and emergency response funds, the airline helps deliver health and relief far and wide.

Learn how Southwest partners with us...

Voya Financial and Americares share a commitment to bringing urgently needed help to people in crisis no matter the challenges. For more than 10 years, Voya Financial, its employees and the Voya Foundation have helped to ensure that Americares is prepared to respond to emergencies.

Learn how Voya partners with us...