Shweta Rawat

Managing Director, The Rural India Supporting Trust,
Chairperson and Co-Founder, The Hans Foundation

Mrs. Shweta Rawat’s family along with Manoj Bhargava, founded The Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST) and The Hans Foundation (THF) in 2009.

As Managing Director of RIST and Chairperson of THF, Shweta has been able to supply guidance to both organizations as they work towards an overall goal of improving the quality of life for those in challenging situations in India.

Describing RIST and THF’s vision, Shweta explains, “The aim is to provide equal access to quality facilities for healthcare and education, and to provide a dignified livelihood to all people, regardless of age, gender, caste or religion. From mobile health clinics and hospitals to drinking water purification at the village level, we have taken a comprehensive approach to healthcare.”

In addition, Shweta has emphasized the importance of enhancing agriculture in impoverished communities, as it is a key element in both health as well as income generation. The foundation has also supported numerous large projects for education, from mid-day meal programs to computer training courses to the full adoption of schools. Shweta stresses that a key part of RIST’s efforts must also include programs that focus on assistance and support to those living with disabilities. Having taken on a highly diversified portfolio of projects, Shweta has ensured that RIST and THF reach out to all marginalized communities in India that may need support.

Mrs. Shweta Rawat has a B.A. in International Relations from American University in Washington DC and a M.A. in Human Rights and Politics from City University, UK.