The AmeriCares holiday card program is offered to our corporate partners with whom we share a common philanthropic vision. 

People felt it was very progressive and much better than another logo item. They felt good about the money going to support a good cause rather than a party or a gift they didn’t need. It demonstrated in a very real way our commitment to spend money wisely and help others too.

A donation—similar to an amount you might spend on purchasing and distributing gifts, or printing a card—will allow you to showcase your corporate values while recognizing employees’ service and demonstrating appreciation of clients.

A brief statement on your card recognizes that a gift was made on the recipient’s behalf to AmeriCares in support of its work to restore health and save lives by delivering aid to people in need around the world and here at home.

Honor your employees and clients, and the true spirit of the holidays with this meaningful gift.  The contribution is tax deductible, easy to distribute and provides priceless benefits to those in need.


Questions?To learn more, please contact Jon Hillery at 
or call 1-800-486-HELP (4357).