Photo by Darryl Priester Jr. All Rights Reserved

With the help of people like you, AmeriCares saves lives and restores health around the world and here at home.

You can help:

Right now, more than two billion people—one-third of the world’s population—lack access to needed medicines. We’re working to change that, and you can help. When disaster, poverty or conflict causes human suffering, we are there with deliveries of medicines and humanitarian aid—to save lives and bring hope.

What you do now can make a difference:

  • For an expectant mom in Cambodia in need of crucial prenatal care…
  • For a starving boy in El Salvador who doesn’t know when he’ll eat again…
  • For a father in Somalia, stricken with cholera, whose life depends on quick treatment…


You can help us get more planes flying and trucks rolling, filled with life-saving aid:

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