On the Front Lines of Health: John Elikana

Medical Attendant

Medical attendant John Elikana wears protective goggles supplied by AmeriCares.

For 18 years John Elikana has been mopping the wards and cleaning bed linens and toilets at Bugando Medical Clinic —all duties which put him in contact with potentially infectious materials.

AmeriCares health worker safety training changed the way Elikana and his co-workers do their job. “We use [chlorine] for cleaning the toilets and for patient clothes, but before the training we didn’t know the right mixtures,” Elikana says. “Now I have more knowledge on how to protect myself and the patients, and I know how to decontaminate areas.” 

Elikana now uses gloves, a safety mask, goggles and a plastic apron when he works.  This safety equipment protects Mr. Elikana and his fellow medical attendants from contact with the infectious fluids and hazardous materials they handle every day.