On the Front Lines of Health: Francisco Chibunda

A Leader, Pharmacist and Project Coordinator

HWSI Project Coordinator Francisco Chibunda explains how dangerous hospital waste goes into color-coded containers.

As a pharmacist, Francisco Chibunda knows how a vaccine works. But he was especially pleased to see that when all of the employees at Bugando Medical Center received hepatitis B vaccine, it did more than protect them against disease—it has helped them deliver better health care.

“The hepatitis B vaccine has changed the attitudes of health workers by increasing their confidence in treating their patients,” says Chibunda, a senior pharmacist and head of the drug information and dispensing units at Bugando, where he has worked for eight years. “They now see that hospital management is taking precautions by providing vaccinations against dangerous diseases, and this has increased output.”

Chibunda is the project coordinator for AmeriCares Health Worker Safety Initiative at Bugando Medical Center, which serves a population of 14 million people. He manages the day-to-day program implementation, heads up Health Worker Safety Committee meetings, provides logistical support and coordinates between the hospital and AmeriCares.

The safety training has improved the quality of health care the hospital can deliver, says Chibunda.  “This has changed the way we work to provide better medical services for the community,” he says.  “More patients are being treated, and the spread of drug-resistant micro-organisms and other contagious diseases has decreased."