Our Work in 2015: A Retrospective

In 2015, AmeriCares responded to many disasters and health emergencies, saving lives and building healthier futures for people in crisis. In 94 countries, in thousands of communities and for millions of people, the medicine, medical supplies and health programs we provided were a critical step to a full, productive life. In all, we provided more than $600 million in aid this past year.

The impact of our work will continue to grow in 2016. In Nepal, AmeriCares is rebuilding clinics destroyed in the devastating April 2015 earthquake. And in Sierra Leone, our team’s work has already resulted in critical improvements at two hospitals in Bonthe—creating safe workplaces for doctors and nurses but also reigniting the community’s trust in these facilities.

In 2015, AmeriCares supported health services in 94 countries including Liberia, where we launched a comprehensive response to the Ebola outbreak. Here, a mother and child, both Ebola survivors, visit with the health workers who helped save their lives.
In the Philippines, AmeriCares experts trained more than 425 local health workers to identify and treat or refer patients suffering from psychological trauma.
 Photo by Matthew McDermott
Community Health Initiatives in Cambodia
More than 800,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in the Nepal earthquake, sending residents into the streets to seek safety and help  Photo by Matthew McDermott
Community disaster preparedness training in El Salvador
In the Philippines, AmeriCares trained health staff from 52 health facilities in emergency preparedness.
Ebola survivor Alice Kaptaballah lives in Liberia where AmeriCares is strengthening health facilities. Weakened by civil war, Liberia’s fragile health system was one factor in the spread of Ebola.
AmeriCares sent an emergency medical team to restore health services for more than 2,000 people in remote Vanuatu, where Cyclone Pam’s 155 mph winds had damaged or destroyed every clinic.
Athens, Georgia clinic
 Photo by Matthew McDermott
Liberian health workers recruited and trained by AmeriCares at the Ebola treatment center in Buchanan, Liberia
AmeriCares provided critical support for children's health. We distributed the deworming medicine mebendazole to partner health providers serving children in 16 countries.
In 2015, AmeriCares Medical Outreach supported 1,021 medical volunteer teams traveling to 84 countries with medicine and supplies. Teams reported seeing close to 700,000 patients and conducting 43,000 surgeries. Through this network, AmeriCares began its multi-year Safe Surgery Initiative to improve access to safe surgery in low-resource settings.
 Courtesy of Memphis Mission of Mercy
AmeriCares provided more than 6,000 treatments of essential fluids to health providers battling a cholera outbreak in Haiti; our work also included hygiene education campaigns and construction of dozens of community latrines.
The Nepal earthquake was the largest of AmeriCares emergency responses in 2015, just one of 26 disasters where AmeriCares provided critical and often lifesaving medicine, supplies and technical support.
Barb from the Free Clinic and patient Tammie outside Tammie’s home in South Carolina. Nine million low-income adults live without health insurance in the U.S. Photo by Matthew McDermott
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