Japan, 3 Years Later: $8.6 Million in Aid

Building a stronger, healthier future for 94,000 survivors.

Three years after the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and radiation disaster, AmeriCares is helping communities bridge the gap between the disaster and a healthy future.  

Our $8.6 million in aid to Japan to date includes shipments of emergency aid in the immediate aftermath, and project support to restore health services, rebuild communities and create lasting security for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Photo by Ramona Bajema
 Photo by Ramona Bajema

We are focused on helping families and local groups deal with the stress of displacement and the trauma of loss. Since the March 2011 disaster, we have worked with 77 local organizations, committing to $7.9 million in projects that have helped an estimated 94,000 survivors, including.  

  • Mental health: $2.4 million in project support for 72 organizations, helping an estimated 63,000 people in need.
  • Dental health: Support for three organizations, helping an estimated 10,000 people with access to dental care in five cities.
  • Building and renovation: More than $2.4 million in support for six projects, helping an estimated 13,500 people.

Today, our Japan team remains firmly on the ground with an office in Sendai and a plan of action to fill crucial healthcare gaps and help Japan build a stronger, healthier future. Moving forward, we continue to address the needs of survivors, by: