Pakistan Flood Victims Remain Homeless

Months after Pakistan’s devastating floods, many families remain homeless and cut off from relief. As winter fast approaches, an entire flood survivor camp recently gathered to receive warm blankets, cooking sets and other relief supplies from AmeriCares.  The delivery fulfilled a commitment made by Riaz Khalil, an AmeriCares relief worker who reached out to the community, met with families and learned of their needs.   

The community had received some early assistance, but much more was needed. Still living in their tents, the people in the camps were afraid they had been forgotten—until Riaz appeared.  More importantly, he returned with the requested supplies and saw to it that each family received what they needed.

“The floods in Pakistan had destroyed their homes, farmlands and livestock,” said Riaz.  “In the days after the floods, the displaced families received tents and a water container from an international relief agency. However, they had received no further assistance for almost three months.”  

To ensure all of the affected families received their supplies, AmeriCares local partner handed out cards to each family in the camp.  This pre-planning, based on AmeriCares experience, ensured that the distribution by Riaz, the local staff and the village leaders would run smoothly and the intended families would receive the assistance.

The next day, in a long line that curved around the school yard, the family representatives waited their turn to pick up their items.  Riaz was joined by local partners, as well as the school’s principal and the district head who had welcomed AmeriCares to the community.

Surprise and relief were evident as the much-needed supplies were distributed. Several people from the camp explained that others had visited in the past, all pledging to help, but none had returned—until now.

AmeriCares kept its promise—to families like Ayaz’s and wherever people are in need.