Haiti, 4 Years Later: $76.3 Million in Aid Provided

Building a stronger, healthier future for countless survivors.

As part of an ongoing objective to fight diarrheal disease and cholera in Haiti, AmeriCares provided funding for the construction of a community latrine and hand-washing station for partner clinic Rezo Koze Lasante.

Four years after the devastating Haiti earthquake, AmeriCares remains firmly on the ground – with a clear plan of action to bring health and healing to people still struggling in the aftermath.

Since the January, 2010 disaster, we have worked with more than 155 health care providers, delivering $76.3 million in aid that meets immediate needs and contributes to lasting change, including:

  • Enough medicines to fill 2.8 million prescriptions for people suffering from cholera, diarrhea, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pain, trauma, wounds, respiratory illness, infections, eye diseases, blindness, malnutrition, obstetric emergencies and more.
  • 1,701 shipments—an average of more than one a day for four years including medicines, medical supplies, purified water, nutritional supplements, surgical supplies, medical and diagnostic equipment and more.
  • Medicines and medical supplies for 754 volunteer medical trips providing primary and specialty care to underserved patients.

Our Impact

Today AmeriCares Haiti—with its office, warehouse, and 17 staff—is officially recognized as a non-governmental organization within the country. Working with trusted Haitian partners, our recovery aid focuses on:

Treatment, training, screening and education helps thousands of  diabetes patients.
Treatment, training, screening and education helps thousands of diabetes patients.
Improving maternal and child health is a key focus of our recovery programs.
Improving maternal and child health is a key focus of our recovery programs.
  • Cholera prevention and treatment: We’ve invested $8.9 million in medicines, supplies, and project support – including enough oral and IV solutions with medicines to provide 400,000 treatments for patients with severe diarrhea, especially cholera, and for fluid replacement needs during surgery and wound care.  Project support includes prevention programs that target health education, hygiene promotion and training of health workers in urban and rural communities.
  • Improving maternal and child health: Since the earthquake, we have donated more than $3.7 million in medicines and funding for programs and services to support and improve maternal and child health. This includes $2.8 million in medicines, enough to fill 373,000 prescriptions. Project funding includes ambulances for obstetric emergencies, construction of a maternity center, and training of midwives in underserved communities worth more than $900,000. 
  • Combating chronic disease:  We working to fight chronic disease, donating close to $30 million worth of medicines for patients struggling with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease—enough medicine to fill 1.3 million 30-day prescriptions. 
  • Restoring, rebuilding and strengthening health care: Collaborating with more than 40 Haitian health organizations, we have invested more than $2.4 million for projects and services that restore access to quality health care. With our funding and technical assistance, the BRAC Limb and Brace Center is building prosthetics and braces for close to 3,000 patients and on track to operate independently in 10 years.

Over the past four years, AmeriCares medicines and supplies have reached all 10 departments in Haiti. Our funding alone, to support and develop projects and services, has reach nine of 10 departments.