Emergency Medical Aid to War-Torn Mali

Two emergency air shipments of urgently-needed emergency medical aid arrived in Mali in April and May 2013, to help alleviate a critical shortage of medicines in the country’s  war-torn North.

Although the fighting subsided in June, 2013, the 18-month-long civil conflict further intensified the effects of a lingering hunger crisis. An estimated one in five households in northern Mali face severe food shortages, a situation likely to worsen.

With nearly 300,000 people displaced within Mali due to the conflict, hunger and malnutrition pose additional challenges to the health and well-being of vulnerable children and adults. The emergency medical aid include antibiotics and other medicines and supplies to help reduce human suffering and curb the spread of deadly diseases like malaria and cholera that persist in crowded camps

These latest shipments are a follow-up to an emergency module AmeriCares sent in 2012, which contained medicines and enough water purification packets to provide clean water for 25,000 people.

As the impact of the conflict on the people in the north continues to unfold, AmeriCares is working with the emergency response agency of the Malian government to keep abreast of critical needs in the country.

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AmeriCares has a long history of delivering aid to help people affected by drought and food insecurity. In 2011, AmeriCares launched a large scale response to drought and famine in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, delivering more than $2 million in aid, including nutritional supplements, medicines, water purification tablets, and medical supplies. AmeriCares began working in Mali in 2004, assisting national efforts to control trachoma with shipments of antibiotics and surgical supplies. Learn more about our work in Mali here.