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United States

AmeriCares is deploying emergency response experts to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where historic flooding has killed at least seven people and forced tens of thousands from their homes.


AmeriCares is on the frontlines of the Zika crisis, caring for patients with suspected infections and providing education on how to prevent the disease. Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the organization is partnering with hospitals and clinics to ensure they are well equipped to address the intensifying health crisis.


Following Ecuador’s deadliest earthquake in decades, AmeriCares emergency team is deploying to the country, and a shipment of medicine and medical supplies is being prepared to treat survivors.

United States

AmeriCares is sending medicine, first aid supplies and safe drinking water for families affected by historic flooding in West Virginia, the worst in a century in some parts of the state.

United States

As severe weather continues to affect large areas of the U.S., AmeriCares is rushing emergency kits and bottled water to families displaced by widespread flooding in Texas.


AmeriCares has an emergency response team on the ground in Fiji to help with the recovery from Cyclone Winston – the strongest storm on record in the Southern Hemisphere, leaving a path of destruction including flattened homes and downed power lines.

United States

AmeriCares is fully prepared for another hurricane season so that crucial medicines and relief supplies are in the hands of response partners and survivors as quickly as possible.


AmeriCares India is responding to the country’s worst drought in four decades, supporting medical camps, water purification and nutritional support for residents of the west central state of Maharashtra.


A mother in Ghana finds nutritional support donated by AmeriCares makes a world of difference to her and to her new baby – one small part of support for maternal and child health programs around the world.


An earthquake survivor in Nepal regains her health through a rehabilitation center built and operated by AmeriCares in partnership with the International Organization for Migration.


A tiny preemie spent her first days of life in a neonatal intensive care unit in Kosovo, where she survived thanks to respiratory medication donated by AmeriCares and AbbVie – part of a ten-year program that has saved the lives of approximately 200 infants every year.


A nurse in Tanzania can now feel safe on the job after a successful AmeriCares health worker safety program has expanded to more hospitals and communities.


AmeriCares is delivering more than $3 million in medicine to help children and families in war-torn Syria. The shipments include antibiotics, cardiovascular medicine, intravenous fluids and diabetes medication.


Camp Ray of Hope in Romania provides children living with hemophilia a rare opportunity to be ordinary kids in summer– to play, connect and grow. AmeriCares long-term partnership with Baxter International provides a donation of blood factor coagulants that helps to make the program possible.


AmeriCares is deploying medical teams to Tamil Nadu in India, providing medical aid and humanitarian relief to survivors of the worst flooding in 100 years.


AmeriCares is rushing an emergency delivery of two tons of essential medicines for hospitals in Nepal running critically low on supplies due to the nation’s ongoing severe fuel shortages.


Responding to a request from local authorities, AmeriCares Philippines team has distributed family emergency kits and conducted an immediate needs assessment in communities in the northern region of the country affected by Typhoon Koppu.

United States

An asthma patient finds treatment at AmeriCares mobile free clinic in Stamford CT. Access to care transforms life for the patient and his family.


AmeriCares, through a donation from Johnson & Johnson of 24 million doses of Vermox (known generically as mebendazole), is in the first year of a program to promote better child health by treating intestinal worms in vulnerable populations and communities. Doses have already been distributed to partners in 16 countries.

United States

Free and charitable clinics that serve over 2 million patients in the U.S. are adapting their operational model in innovative ways to accommodate declining resources under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new AmeriCares study.

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