• Our Work

    Through our longstanding partnership with the Honduran Order of Malta, we deliver medicines and medical supplies to more than 80 health and social service institutions throughout the country. To serve the growing number of diabetes patients, we have provided ongoing support for diabetes treatment.

    Snapshot of Honduras:

    With 59% of the Honduran people living in poverty, roughly 80% of the Honduran people do not have access to quality health care. Most families are forced to pay for treatment or go without care altogether. Critical health issues:

    • a high incidence of common infectious diseases, such as diarrheal disease, malaria, dengue fever and typhoid
    • a significant increase in diabetes, hypertension as well as a rise in cancer – all related to the lack of access to care for chronic diseases.
  • Aid History

    AmeriCares has been working in Honduras since 1986 and has delivered more than $417 million worth of emergency and ongoing medical aid through the Asociación Hondureña de Caballeros de la Orden de Malta (Honduran Order of Malta) to hospitals, clinics, AIDS hospices, nursing homes, nutritional centers, domestic abuse help centers, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, and children's homes.

    Among the many hospitals receiving our support are two of our largest and longest-standing beneficiaries - Hospital Torax and Hospital San Felipe. AmeriCares donations of medicines and supplies help these facilities to extend diagnosis, treatment and disease management to poor patients.

  • Emergency Response

    In 2011, major flooding affected thousands of people limiting access to basic healthcare. AmeriCares responded with emergency shipments and followed up with deliveries of medical and humanitarian aid.

    In 2008, when heavy rains displaced tens of thousands of people, we sent an emergency airlift containing important medicines and medical supplies

    In 2007 Hurricane Felix made landfall as a Category 5 storm, blowing 160 mph winds. AmeriCares airlifted 4,784 pounds of essential medicines, including antibiotics, to help survivors.

    AmeriCares also responded to ongoing health needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Stan in 2005 and Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

  • Health Initiatives

    Chronic Disease:

    In 2008, AmeriCares and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) supported the Diabetes Center at the Hospital San Felipe in Honduras with a grant to support the hospital’s diabetes patient education efforts. Read More »

  • Medical Outreach

    Photo by Nicholas GIll, All Rights Reserved.

    AmeriCares donates medical products to qualified U.S. health care professionals who are traveling to Honduras to provide charitable medical care. Through this program, donated medicines and medical supplies reach impoverished and isolated communities where even basic medical care is inaccessible to the poor or often non-existent. AmeriCares donations cure infections, relieve pain, help patients manage chronic diseases and make life-changing surgeries possible.

Recent News from Honduras


AmeriCares has responded to an emergency in Honduras with an air shipment of laboratory supplies, helping to ensure that pensioners and working families throughout the country have continued access to health care services.

Medical Outreach Program

The surgical team that helped dozens of children in Honduras is just one of nearly 1,000 volunteer medical teams that use donated medicines and supplies from AmeriCares to provide charitable health care in more than 75 countries each year

Central America

AmeriCares has mounted a large-scale response to crisis-level flooding caused in Central America with three air shipments of $6.5 million in medical aid and food support to help alleviate human suffering in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

Central America

Amid rising concerns about outbreaks of water borne diseases and food shortages as a result of crisis-level flooding in Central America, AmeriCares is responding with targeted shipments of medical aid and nutritional supplements to help survivors in Nicaragua, El Salavador, Guatemala and Honduras.


Norma, a 51 year old woman suffering from nerve damage and lesions on her feet caused by diabetes, came to the Central Medical Clinic of HOPE in San Pedro Sula, Honduras struggling with the painful complications of her illness. Read More.

In Honduras, flash floods and mudslides have destroyed 80% of roads and nearly 8,500 homes. It is estimated that as many as 600,000 people have been affected. Our local partners on the ground are well-positioned to quickly get the aid to people most in need.

AmeriCares is responding to the global food crisis by delivering nutritional supplements, vitamins and medicines to help those in vulnerable communities around the world.

AmeriCares Medical Outreach Program enables hundreds of qualified US-based health care professionals to volunteer their services in over 70 countries each year.

Caribbean, Central America, United States

In a year when forecasters are predicting an especially active hurricane season, AmeriCares has to be able to respond when the next storm strikes. We have been providing aid to people devastated by natural disasters such as hurricanes for 25 years.


any Hondurans who live in the countryside are far from any health center and cannot afford to take a bus to the nearest clinic. To help bring critical medicines to this population, AmeriCares relies on the dedication and tireless efforts of Norma Urbina.