• Our Work

    In 2006, AmeriCares India Foundation was officially established in the country in connection with emergency response activities. In November 2008, AmeriCares India opened an office in Mumbai and a warehouse in Bhiwandi. With on the ground staff, an increased supply of donated medicines, and a strategically located distribution hub, AmeriCares has expanded its work in-country and is better positioned to serve the surrounding regions of Asia and Africa. AmeriCares India is addressing a wide range of health care needs from primary health care, to acute illness, chronic disease, malnutrition and emergency response. A Mobile Clinics program has brought primary health care to the slums of Mumbai. See images of our work in IndiaExternal Link.

    Snapshot of India:

    While the economy of India has grown rapidly in the past decade, the country’s public health system faces enormous challenges. The growing income disparity between rich and poor has served to highlight the lack of access to primary health care for both the rural and urban poor. Critical health issues:

    • a high rate of malnutrition in children under the age of three
    • a high infant mortality rate, with diarrheal disease as the primary cause of early childhood mortality.
    • poor sanitation and lack of potable water, along with increased resistance to drugs have also contributed to high rates of communicable diseases.
    • with economic growth has come a greater need for treatment of chronic disease

    For more information on AmeriCares India visit www.AmeriCaresIndia.org External Link

  • Aid History

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    AmeriCares has been delivering life-saving medicines and medical supplies to health care providers in India since 1993. Through strong partnerships with local governmental and nongovernmental organizations AmeriCares supports clinics, schools, hospitals and rural health organizations and responds to emergencies wherever and whenever they occur.

    To equip doctors and nurses with the tools they need to deliver quality care, AmeriCares India has provided medicines and supplies on an ongoing basis to hospitals, clinics and public health programs.

    We have deepened our commitment to the region in order to help more people live longer, healthier lives with the development and growth of AmeriCares India. Visit www.AmeriCaresIndia.org External Link

  • Emergency Response

    Many regions of India are prone to natural disasters and AmeriCares has provided immediate medical relief for many of them over the years including:


    (Maharashtra in 1993, Gujarat in 2001 and Kashmir in 2005)


    (Orissa in 1999, 2009, West Bengal in 2009)

    The Asian Tsunami

    (Tamil Nadu in 2004)


    (Gujarat and Mumbai in 2005, Bihar in 2007 and 2008, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh 2009) Orissa in 2011

  • Health Initiatives

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    Disaster Preparedness:

    Through professional training, community awareness raising, emergency planning and prepositioning of key supplies. Read More »

    Ongoing Medical Assistance:

    Supplementing charity hospital access to critical care medicines and supplies, expanding community medical programs supply of primary care medicines Read More »

    Health Worker Safety:

    AmeriCares provides vaccinations, medical supplies, safety education and emergency preparedness training for doctors, nurses and health workers at hospitals and clinics. Learn more about our efforts to support health worker safety in India. Read More »

    Health Care Access:

    Operating medical camps in urban slums and rural areas. Read Story » running school based health promotion programs (education, screening, treatment.) Read Story »

  • Primary Health Care

    An expanding mobile clinics program is providing regular health care access to the poor in the Mumbai slums. Read story

  • Medical Outreach

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    AmeriCares donates medical products to qualified U.S. health care professionals who are traveling to India to provide charitable medical care. Through this program, donated medicines and medical supplies reach impoverished and isolated communities where even basic medical care is inaccessible to the poor or often non-existent. AmeriCares donations cure infections, relieve pain, help patients manage chronic diseases and make life-changing surgeries possible.

Recent News from India


Stamford, Conn. – August 5, 2016 – AmeriCares is deploying medical teams to Assam and Bihar, where relentless flooding has killed more than 90 people and forced nearly 1 million into relief camps.


AmeriCares India is responding to the country’s worst drought in four decades, supporting medical camps, water purification and nutritional support for residents of the west central state of Maharashtra.


AmeriCares is deploying medical teams to Tamil Nadu in India, providing medical aid and humanitarian relief to survivors of the worst flooding in 100 years.


Stamford, Conn. – Dec. 4, 2015 – AmeriCares is deploying medical teams to Tamil Nadu, where relentless flooding has closed schools and a major airport in Chennai and claimed at least 269 lives.


AmeriCares India Emergency Medical Teams are providing medical care and humanitarian aid to thousands of survivors of record flooding in Jammu and Kashmir. More aid shipments, support for damaged health facilities and longer term recovery efforts are also underway.


AmeriCares India team has mobilized emergency aid to help survivors of widespread flooding in northern Bihar state gain access to basic health care along with water purification, nutritional and other humanitarian supplies

Stamford, Conn. – May 14, 2014 – AmeriCares hosted an advance screening of Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm,” on May 13 to benefit the humanitarian aid organization’s health programs in India.


During World Immunization Week, recognized by the World Health Organization during the last week of April, AmeriCares India team promoted one of the world’s most powerful tools for health – the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease.


MUMBAI – April 17, 2014 – AmeriCares India announced today the winners of its 5th annual Spirit of Humanity Awards. The annual awards program, held April 16 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Mumbai, showcases achievements of nongovernmental organizations and individuals working to improve health care for the underprivileged.


AmeriCares India now sends four mobile medical clinics into Mumbai slum neighborhoods six days a week, providing quality primary care and health education. More than 100,000 patient consultations have been conducted since the program began.


Shri Surinder Singh Negi, Honorable Minister of Medical & Health, honored AmeriCares India Foundation for its response to the catastrophic flooding in Uttarakhand during a ceremony in Rudraprayag on Nov. 30


Medical camps and AmeriCares emergency aid and medical camps helped thousands of survivors of Cyclone Phailin, the strongest storm to hit India since 1999.


MUMBAI – October 25, 2013 – For two years, Ramlal, a 49-year-old security guard with hypertension, has been receiving medical care from the AmeriCares India Mobile Medical Clinic that frequents his neighborhood.


Months after the flood disaster in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, AmeriCares India team continues to respond with free medical camps and distributions of non-food items and water purification to help thousands of survivors.


MUMBAI – October 17, 2013 – AmeriCares is deploying an emergency response team to Odisha to deliver relief supplies and medical aid for Cyclone Phailin survivors.