• Our Work

    In 2012 AmeriCares sent its first shipment of medicine and medical supplies through partner Stop Hunger Now to support basic health care in clinics run by the Salesian Mission in South Sudan.

    Snapshot of South Sudan:

    When Sudan gained its independence in 1956, there was an understanding that the southern Sudanese would be able to participate fully in the political system. When the government failed to keep its promise, civil war broke out for nearly two decades. It is estimated that more than 2 million people died not only in the conflict but from starvation and drought. In July 2011, the people of south Sudan voted to become an independent nation. The country is still experiencing conflict and turmoil. With an average life expectancy of 59 years, the people of this new country face a number of critical health issues:

    • Communicable diseases are leading causes of mortality and morbidity – especially infections, parasitic diseases, diarrheal diseases and respiratory infections
    • Unacceptably high levels of maternal, infant and child mortality – some of highest rates in the world
    • Nutrition a concern nationally, but especially in southern states
    • Frequent water shortages
    • Chronic diseases also emerging, led by hypertension and diabetes
  • Aid History

    AmeriCares first began providing relief to Sudan in 1987 in response to the North-South civil war. We have delivered hundreds of tons of aid to help refugees in the region.

    Since South Sudan declared independence in 2011, we continue to support the reconstruction of health services. Prior to the emergency of South Sudan, the majority of our efforts in the region focused on the delivery of immediate medical aid to support health services for survivors of the deadly violence in Darfur that began in 2004.

  • Emergency Response

    Since achieving independence, an ongoing conflict with Sudan has killed hundreds and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. We have provided two shipments of medicines and supplies along with other critical aid to our partner in country, along with assistance from our relief experts dispatched to South Sudan.

Recent News from South Sudan

South Sudan

In response to escalating conflict and humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, AmeriCares has deployed relief workers and continues provide new shipments of emergency medical aid to help the sick and suffering in refugee camps.

South Sudan

Stamford, Conn. – June 26, 2014 – AmeriCares is sending emergency medical aid to help stem the deadly cholera outbreak in South Sudan. The highly infectious disease has been spreading rapidly in the war-torn country since late April, sickening more than 1,800 people and killing 39.

South Sudan

AmeriCares is working with Baylor International Pediatric AIDs Initiative and the Ugandan Department of Health to supply medical aid to help refugees fleeing South Sudan, including an emergency medical module to Uganda with enough medicine to meet the needs of 20,000 people for three months.

South Sudan

A deadly surge of violence in South Sudan resulted in massive population displacement, leaving tens of thousands in dire need of emergency medical care.

South Sudan

In response to conflict and humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, AmeriCares has responded with a new shipment of emergency aid to help 15,000 people suffering from serious infections, malaria, pain and disease.

South Sudan

AmeriCares has responded to the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan with emergency aid to help 44,000 people suffering from serious infections, malaria, pain and disease.


Our commitment to the people of Sudan will continue as long as needed -- with ongoing deliveries of lifesaving antibiotics, medicines, and supplies to help displaced families in desperate situations caused by ongoing violence.