• Our Work

    AmeriCares remains dedicated to providing medicines and medical supplies to Iraqi civilians impacted by the war. We regularly send medical assistance and other humanitarian aid with particular focus on internally displaced persons and those left physically impaired as a result of the wars and internal conflict.

    Snapshot of Iraq:

    After decades of war and internal conflict, the need for humanitarian aid for the people of Iraq continues. Many people who have been and continue to be affected by the turmoil, lack access to basic health care. Conflict and misallocation of resources had a negative impact on Iraq’s basic infrastructure including sanitation and clean water systems. Poor communities and displaced families often resort to rivers, dirty tap water and other unsafe sources to find drinking water. Critical health issues:

    • Dangerous water-borne disease outbreaks such as cholera.
    • Health care access, particularly in regions still subject to outbreaks of sectarian violence.
    • Support for the disabled, particularly those injured in war and internal conflict.

  • Aid History

    AmeriCares has provided assistance to Iraqis since 1990 and the first Gulf War.

    For a number of years, we supported the work of our local partner LIFE in the operation of two clinics, staffed by volunteer doctors by providing medicines and medical supplies. In addition, LIFE and AmeriCares worked with the Ministry of Health to identify and distribute medical assistance to eight hospitals experiencing chronic shortages of pharmaceutical stock. Furthermore, orphanages and camps for internally displaced persons received hygiene products, blankets, and other family care items.

    In 2007 AmeriCares delivered a special shipment of 280 wheelchairs to Iraq in collaboration with the Wheelchair Foundation. In 2011, AmeriCares delivered 550 wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission in addition to prosthetic arms to further support the Iraqi handicapped population.

    In 2012, we began working with a new partner, focusing on continuing the supply of wheelchairs, prosthetics and mobility aids to those in need.

  • Emergency Response

    In 2003, in response to urgent medical and humanitarian needs brought about by the second Gulf War, AmeriCares delivered emergency airlifts to Kirkuk and Baghdad, both of which were the first airlifts orchestrated by a U.S. non-governmental organization. Additional air and sea shipments of medicines and medical supplies to our local partner at that time, LIFE for Relief and Development (LIFE), followed.

Recent News from Iraq

In Iraq, nearly half of the population lacks reliable access to safe drinking water. AmeriCares is helping with donations of water purification supplies. Find out how you can help.


AmeriCares is sending medicines and supplies to stem a deadly cholera outbreak in Iraq. With thousands of lives in jeopardy, AmeriCares is sending 3,200 bottles of IV solutions and nearly $600,000 worth of medicines and medical supplies to help control the outbreak and address other health concerns.


AmeriCares remains dedicated to providing medicines and medical supplies for those impacted by the war, and recently sent a shipment of essential medicines and supplies as part of our ongoing humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq.


Iraq has been plagued by war and civil conflict for the past two decades, causing millions to be displaced from their homes and communities. Together, AmeriCares and the Jordan Health Aid Society (JHAS), a local health care organization in Jordan, have addressed the need for adequate health care for the increasing refugee population.


Some 30,000 people in Iraq have become seriously ill with cholera and other forms of dehydrating watery diarrhea which has spread through the northern part of the country. When IMC, the nonprofit organization working on the ground in Iraq, made an urgent request for help, AmeriCares immediately donated IV solutions and purchased other medicines and medical supplies to treat the disease.