What is an RSS Feed?

Like many automated services these days, an RSS is a web format used to automatically update and deliver headlines from a favorite website or blog to your desktop or Web browser. You can have AmeriCares News delivered to your desktop by subscribing to our News Feed. Every time a news story is published on this website it will appear in your news list through your RSS Reader (RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication").

About AmeriCares RSS Feeds:

To subscribe to the AmeriCares News and Press Releases RSS feed, you will need a feed-reader (also known as "pod-catcher" or "news aggregator"). Feed-readers allow you to subscribe to and view many feeds. The aggregator automatically retrieves the news updates, and is a good way to keep track of AmeriCares work around the world.

There are different news readers available, and many of them are free. Most are applications that you download and install. Some others are Web-based services you sign up for that work inside your browser.

If you don't have an RSS reader yet, a great tutorial from Google tells you how to get and use theirs.


To use RSS Feeds:

Subscribe to the AmeriCares RSS feed wherever you see this RSS Feed button. Follow the instructions in the next window to begin your subscription using an RSS news reader, or use a browser which supports RSS feeds, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.


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