As the number of families who struggle daily with unmet health care needs continues to grow, we’re helping more people live longer, healthier lives:

  • In El Salvador, more than 40,000 people a year benefit from care they receive at the AmeriCares Family Clinic.
  • In India, hundreds of sick children and adults are treated each day by our mobile medical clinics.
  • In our home state of Connecticut, we now operate four free clinics that have treated thousands of uninsured patients since the first clinic opened in 1994.
  • AmeriCares Free Clinics

    Medicine for the poor should not be poor medicine. Dr. Nilda Soto, founder
    Open Door Health Clinic, Florida

    Nobody should have to choose between paying for food and paying for health care. Sadly, it’s a crisis that a growing number of Americans face. Here in our home state of Connecticut, where more than 325,000 residents live without health insurance, AmeriCares operates four free clinics – in Danbury, Norwalk, Bridgeport and our newest location in Stamford. The clinics provide quality care to uninsured residents, helping more people get the primary care and medicines they need but cannot afford.

  • El Salvador Clinic

    Good medicine and good health for many more people

    In El Salvador, where 1 out of 5 sick people can't afford the medication they need to get well, the Clínica Integral de Atención Familiar provides quality health care, medications, and outreach services to thousands of underserved families. In 2011, more than 40,000 people received diagnostic tests and treatment for a range of conditions, from acute illness, to chronic and communicable diseases.

    Read more about the clinic:

  • India Mobile Clinics

    Health care for people who once had none

    In the slums of Mumbai, people live in crushing poverty, suffering from infection and disease spread by overcrowded, unsanitary conditions.

    6 days a week, our fully-equipped mobile medical vans bring health care to impoverished families in dozens of locations.

    100+ patients a day benefit from the medical vans' on-site services and free medicines. For most patients, this is the only time they will ever see a doctor. Immediate needs are met, referrals made when necessary, and chronic diseases identified and treated on an ongoing basis.