In India, AmeriCares provides vaccinations, medical supplies, safety education and emergency preparedness training for doctors, nurses and health workers at hospitals and clinics.

Our programs help protect and retain India’s health care workforce—currently there is only one doctor for every 1,600 people. Workers at every level face risks from needle injuries and exposure to infectious waste.

In 2010, AmeriCares completed a comprehensive safety program at the Jagivan Railway Hospital, a 330-bed facility in Mumbai with a staff of nearly 500. Health care workers from 14 other hospitals and health facilities also participated.  The safety training is ongoing—AmeriCares provides lectures and holds poster contests throughout the year. The program is expanding: AmeriCares will soon train more than 5,000 employees at KEM Hospital in Mumbai.

From our office in Mumbai, AmeriCares also runs emergency preparedness training sessions and drills for hospitals, health workers and first responders. Our training helped in the response to the 2007 Ahmedabad bombings and 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack. Most recently, AmeriCares trained hospital workers and citizen groups in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kashmir, Kolkatta, Thane, Almora and Mumbai.