Building and maintaining basic facilities for the delivery of health care is a significant challenge for many poor countries and for communities where disaster strikes.

The loss of even a single hospital or clinic can profoundly affect thousands of people.  We use our global resource supply network and professional expertise to provide timely delivery of health care in an emergency and restoration of health care facilities for the long term. 

Our collaborative work with health ministries and local NGOs in countries after disasters has served as a model for building, improving or expanding clinics, hospitals and other health facilities. 

  • Chile and China:  Sometimes the challenge is a temporary facility to meet emergency needs such as our critical transitional field hospitals in Chile and China after major earthquakes.  
  • Sri Lanka:  In the recovery phase of an emergency, the challenge is often longer term as we have seen in our three major hospital rebuilding and expansion projects in Sri Lanka after the Southeast Asia Tsunami.
  • Japan:  We identified a need for dental care in the region of Japan devastated by the Earthquake and Tsunami, so we helped to build temporary dental clinics
  • Pakistan:  We supported the repair and rebuilding of small rural clinics in Pakistani communities heavily damaged by record seasonal flooding where the clinic was often the only source of health care for a region.