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AmeriCares Global Medical Assistance program delivers essential medicines and supplies to over 3,500 hospitals and health clinics in the developing world.  Our medical and humanitarian aid includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements and surgical supplies along with personal hygiene products, safety  supplies and household cleaning items.

AmeriCares Helps Summer Camps for Sick Children
In Romania, a boy with hemophilia gets a chance to be a “normal kid” with a treatment of Factor VIII
malawi aids
In Malawi, a mother with HIV can give birth and raise a child without the disease because she has access to medicines and treatment
Dr. Rafi Ahmed in Pakistan
In Pakistan, children in a village have fresh water because the village received the necessary equipment to build a well.
Fight Against Breast Cancer Gains Ground in Cambodia
In Cambodia, a woman with breast cancer gets treatment in time because the hospital where she sought help had the necessary medicines and supplies.
In Tanzania, a little boy is kept alive for life-saving cardiac surgery because the hospital had access to a medicine not available in his country.
Lifesaving medicines save high-risk newborns
In Kosovo, a tiny premie, gets to go home because the doctor had a critical respiratory medication.

In over 90 countries, with your help, we supply medical and humanitarian aid to people in desperate need.

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