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Nearly 2 billion people worldwide cannot get the medicines they need to stay healthy. Poverty and malnutrition leave millions vulnerable to treatable diseases. For many, childbirth is as deadly as an earthquake. Here at home, poor health care access can have dire consequences for families in need. We're working to change that.

Everyday, AmeriCares sends medical and humanitarian aid that makes a lifesaving difference: 


...When a baby girl twenty-four hours into life suddenly stops breathing, a trained birth attendant is there in Ghana to breathe life back into the infant.

...When a father of eight walks for hours to a clinic, collapsing at the door nearly dead from cholera, treatment supplies are there in Haiti to heal and send him home to his family.

...When a three-year old in a poor family faces another day of little food and less hope, a pediatric nutrition and health program is there in Vietnam, helping her grow up healthy.

We can do this because our donors and partners trust us to turn their generosity into aid that works for the people who need it.

We Deliver

We Deliver aid that includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements, surgical and wound care supplies, hospital supplies, and diagnostics and laboratory supplies.

We Develop

We develop and expand targeted health initiatives to address health concerns such as health worker safety and child nutrition

We Provide

We provide quality health care directly to patients through our primary care clinics in the US, India and El Salvador.

We Support

We support thousands of medical volunteers through our Medical Outreach Program who travel across the globe to bring care to people in need.

We Build

We build strong relationships with a network of in-country partners. These institutions, located in the United States and in many countries around the world, include general and specialty hospitals, outpatient clinics, community health programs, rehabilitation centers and homes for children and the elderly.

You Can Help

With your help, we are there, whenever and wherever people are in need.

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