Americares Emergency Response Partners

By becoming an Americares Emergency Response Partner (an AERP), your company will help provide the reliable funding base necessary for Americares to respond swiftly and effectively to disaster events around the globe – the ones you see in the news and the ones you don’t.  

Prepare, Respond, Recover

Over nearly 40 years, Americares has launched hundreds of emergency responses – an average of more than 20 a year. Once disaster strikes - from earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes, to disease outbreaks and civil strife - Americares is not only one of the first relief organizations on the scene, but we are also there for the long term recovery process.

Disaster preparedness is a critical element of our relief efforts – from in-country assessments and pre-positioned medical and relief aid in disaster-prone regions, to maintaining emergency pharmacy inventory at our headquarters in Stamford, CT, and global distribution hubs. In addition, our support for mobile medical teams combined with in-house expertise in global logistics, emergency medical needs and health services rehabilitation, create the foundation from which we address needs during and after a disaster.

Our Americares Emergency Response Partners are critical. They ensure that this foundation is sustained by ongoing financial support as our relief work continues. Your contributions help maintain our preparedness efforts and the capabilities necessary to launch a swift and effective response to a disaster, whenever and wherever it occurs, even before public funds are available.

Americares Emergency Programs empower communities and frontline health workers across the continuum of disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

Our Annual Partners

If you have questions about becoming an Americares Emergency Response Partner, please contact