We care for our neighbors in need who are making a sincere effort to help themselves and their families, but do not have the financial resources for medical care.  Our local clinics serve eligible patients regardless of immigration or health status. 

Who's Eligible?

To be eligible, patients must:

  • Have no public or private health insurance
  • Not be Medicaid eligible
  • Meet income guidelines (see chart below)
  • Be 18 years or older to receive care in Bridgeport, Danbury and Stamford
  • Provide photo identification
  • Provide income verification upon request
  • Provide proof of residency
  • Pediatric patients (Norwalk clinic only) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

Income Guidelines

2016 Income Guidelines.

2016 Income Guidelines

The Americares Free Clinics program provides health care services to eligible individuals with a total household income under 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. For 2016, this level of income would be:

1 $570 $2,475 $29,700
2 $770 $3,338 $40,050
3 $970 $4,200 $50,400
4 $1,168 $5,063 $60,750
5 $1,368 $5,925 $71,100
6 $1,568 $6,788 $81,450
7 $1,765 $7,653 $91,825
8 $1,965 $8,520 $102,225
For Each
Addl. Person, add:
$200 $867 $10,400

Please Note: You will be asked to provide proof of household income (i.e. tax returns, pay stubs, unemployment checks) in order to ensure eligibility or to help obtain medicines at no cost to you.

Towns Served

Clinic Reach

Towns Served

The Americares Free Clinics serve residents of the following towns:

Stamford Danbury Norwalk Bridgeport 
New Fairfield 
New Milford
New Canaan 

Clinic Expectations

Patient Guidelines

Clinic Expectations

  • We will not treat abusive or abrasive patients
  • We will not treat patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • We expect patients to come to the clinic clean and appropriately dressed
  • We expect patients to be compliant with their medical treatment
  • We expect patients to be honest about their medical, financial and insurance status

If any of the above expectations are violated, AFC reserves the right to terminate services immediately, either temporarily or permanently. In such cases, a copy of the patient's records will be made available, at the patient's request, to the health care provider of his/her choice.

Services We Provide

Services We Provide

  • Diagnosis and treatment of non-urgent and chronic medical conditions;
  • Essential medications as available;
  • X-ray and diagnostic services as indicated and as available;
  • Laboratory tests ordered by Americares physicians;
  • School and pre-employment physical exams. These must be scheduled in advance with the clinic director. We will not do DMV licenses, or physicals that require examination outside of the range of clinic services.
  • Immunizations for children (Norwalk location only) and adults as available;
  • Referrals to specialty care and procedures when available; some providers may charge for services.

Services We Cannot Provide

Services We Cannot Provide

  • Emergency care for urgent medical problems or traumatic injuries;
  • Nonessential medications, diagnostic and laboratory testing and referrals;
  • Dental care;
  • Mental Health/Psychiatric or substance abuse treatment, including medications;
  • Certain medications, including narcotics, tranquilizers, and sleeping aids.
  • Medical care for women during pregnancy;
  • Care related to conditions associated with workman's compensation, disability cases, second opinions or ongoing or potential litigation;
  • Care for tuberculosis, STDs and HIV/AIDS;
  • Care for some complex medical problems beyond our scope of services.

Email or Call us to make an appointment with one of our clinics. Services vary by clinic location. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to the appropriate resource.

Email Us to Make an Appointment

Please note that the clinic is closed on holidays and holiday weekends. If you do not speak English or Spanish, please bring a friend or relative who can interpret on your behalf.  If you have a medical emergency or if you need immediate attention, please call 911 or go to your local hospital emergency room.