Darfur/Sudan Conflict - $6M in Total Aid Delivered
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  • Emergency

    Years of ethnic violence, drought and disease have wreaked havoc in the Darfur region of Sudan. Ongoing clashes between the north and south resulted in widespread death and destruction, especially in the western region of Darfur. AmeriCares began relief efforts for Darfur in 2004, when conflict escalated to mass killings of civilians and burning of villages.

    Sudan’s civil strife has transformed Africa’s largest country into a nation of internally displaced persons. The Darfur region is the site of one of the world’s largest international humanitarian operation.

    AmeriCares has delivered airlifts of medicine and supplies directly into Darfur, to provide immediate help to medical teams working in tough conditions. The majority of our efforts today focus on the delivery of ongoing medical aid to support health services for conflict survivors.

  • Response

    In 2004, we began a prolonged relief effort, delivering medical aid to support health services for survivors of the deadly violence in Darfur.

    Economic and political instability combined with a shortage of resources and basic services left many people in Darfur completely reliant upon humanitarian assistance – especially the displaced still living in camps.

    In 2011, we began supporting the work of Relief International in health outposts and camps in Darfur and South Sudan (following South Sudan’s declaration of independence), helping 640,000+ people caught in a profound humanitarian crisis. Relief groups serving nearly one million people in Darfur were in danger of running out of critical medicines and supplies. Our deliveries of aid replenished the dwindling stocks of clinics in 19 camps serving about 400,000 people, operated by international agencies and partners.

    The medical relief provided clinics serving refugee communities with basic needs such as infection control items, needles and rehydration supplies. To prevent malnutrition and pregnancy complications, the aid included vitamins for pregnant moms and young children.

  • Recovery

    AmeriCares long-term commitment to Darfur builds on our experience and expertise in delivering critical medical and humanitarian aid under difficult circumstances in hard-to-reach places.

    This commitment remains steadfast, as hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians suffer amid ongoing conflict, poverty, and severe health challenges:

    • Communicable diseases – especially parasitic diseases, diarrheal diseases and infections -- are leading causes of sickness and death.
    • Maternal, infant and child mortality rates are alarmingly high -- among the highest in the world
    • Malnutrition is widespread.
    • Chronic diseases, including diabetes and hypertension have become emerging health concerns

    AmeriCares has completed 11 airlifts to Darfur, delivering over 175 tons of aid valued at over $6 million.

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