Chile Earthquake 
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  • Emergency

    In February, 2010, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck off the coast of Concepcion, the second largest city in Chile. The disaster affected 2 million people and left 9 percent of the population homeless and displaced. More than 500 people were killed.

    • AmeriCares responded with emergency airlifts and shipments of medical and humanitarian aid to help countless Chilean families in their time of greatest need.
    • Emergency relief was followed by a targeted 2-year recovery program that included a transitional field hospital.
  • Response

    AmeriCares sent its first emergency airlift and worked with local partners to deliver $730,000 in medical aid to help survivors, including 2,000 family hygiene kits.

    AmeriCares disaster shipments included medical supplies, such as bandages and masks to protect against dust and debris; personal hygiene items to prevent infection and disease; as well as flashlights and water containers to carry safe drinking water

    A second relief shipment included medicines to treat serious infections, gastrointestinal diseases and crush injuries, surgical supplies such as sutures and scalpels and other disaster relief for survivors.

  • Recovery

    AmeriCares implemented a 2-year recovery plan:

    • shipping a total of $800,000 in immediate medical aid, including crucial relief items to help 2,000+ families living in camps,
    • the construction of a transitional field hospital that has seen 6,000 patients,
    • $400,000 in hospital equipment for the worst-hit hospitals in the regions,
    • aid for community-based mental health organizations helping survivors.

    The transitional hospital was located near Angol Hospital, which was one of more than 20 hospitals destroyed, severely damaged or left operating with limited bed capacity. AmeriCares was able to provide the field hospital, medicines, medical supplies and essential equipment to help meet maternal and child health care needs thanks to a generous donation from the GE Foundation.

    Additional medical assistance for the transitional hospital, including the purchase of antibiotics, anesthesia and other vital medicines to help treat patients provided through support from MetLife in Chile.

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